Health Coaching Services

Health Awareness and Lifestyle Education


Food Re-Education!

Many of our common beliefs about what’s healthy are based on misinformation or outdated science.  I can share with you the most current science on nutrition. Together, we can determine the best diet for your individual body and give you ideas and accountability to follow through with making important changes.  Whole real food is the pillar of optimum health and nutrition!

The Gut

When we take a closer look at our body in a holistic way, we can see the connection between one metabolic system and another. Oftentimes imbalances begin in the gut and trickle out into other systems, causing symptoms we would not even think of as gut related. On a physiological, energetic and emotional level, anything that happens in one part of the body affects the rest of the body.  Medical science is just beginning to understand the human microbiome and how to have a healthy relationship with our own personal bacteria!

Do you know you want to make dietary changes, but just don’t know where to begin?

I can help you…

Re-stock your pantry with healthy foods that work for you.

Strategize your meals so that you are getting optimum nutrition when you eat.

Integrate recipes and new ideas to help you transition off specific foods.

Who am I?

Over the years, through a combination of lifestyle changes, including dietary shifts and Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage, I have greatly improved my digestive function and overall health.  Motivated by my own health goals, I have integrated further education to deepen my massage practice and what I am able to offer clients.

My intent is to provide folks with the resources they need to meet their unique health goals.  I feel passionately about human resilience and our capacity to maintain our own vitality.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

My training is in part through Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, a health coaching program that is based in Functional Medicine and functional lab testing. Functional Medicine looks deeper into the root causes of illness, rather than just treating symptoms. When you focus on building health throughout the body you will not only resolve current health issues but bring yourself fulfillment and longevity.

Learn what it is YOU need to thrive.

Initial intake ~1-1 ½ hr   $60

Follow up sessions `1 hr $40

In our first session we will sit down together and talk about your health history, your current health concerns and your future goals.  You will go home with support for implementing change and someone to hold you accountable for these commitments.

Follow up sessions can be scheduled as needed for check-ins and further support.


Together we can…

·         Set goals and make a plan for lifestyle changes.

          Discover new foods and recipes to help you follow through with dietary adjustments.

          Empower you to make intuitive, educated decisions about your own health care.


                                                Are you ready for change?

 I would love to be part of your journey. Contact me to schedule an appointment.

                                                       Jennifer Jones